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10 Tips for composing sweet pictures for couples

If you look at the camera, you can feel a bit awkward as you do not know how to pose. You pick a camera but you do not how to shoot. Check this article out to look great – effortlessly – in pictures! Here are ten tips for composing unpretentious, sweet and romantic pictures for couples!

Tip 1. Use a wide aperture to capture the perfect boyfriend’s point-of-view

Tip 2. Shoot from an upward angle (e.g. by squatting) to make your girlfriend look taller and slimmer

Tip 3. A sweet atmosphere can make your picture better. Make plans for a day out on Lantau island and be merry with your photo experience!

Tip 4. Casually stop by a café. Open a book so that your face is partially covered by it. Look straight at the camera, and there you go – the look of an educated hipster!

Tip 5. Identify a stunning background. Let the subjects sit back to back and ask them to look at different directions as they please.

Tip 6. Locate a backdrop away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. You don’t have to leave the territory. Tai O – the idyllic fishing village on Lantau island – is a unique destination!

Tip 7. For an adorable picture, stand in front of a painted wall and make an “OK” gesture.

Tip 8. Set your phone on a table to capture the sweetness of yourselves and the delicacies you’re sharing!

Tip 9. To look even sweeter, use a mural as your backdrop. Hold hands and smile at the camera.

Tip 10. Instead of identical couple outfits, why not focus on an item or two to create that lookalike (and loving) effect? For example, wear matching white shoes or matching white tops.

Last but not least, here's a video from Ron and Eri. Follow their trip to Lantau island and find out where and how to take impressive pictures as a couple.