10:00 – 18:00

Lantau is an outlying island that can easily charm you with its natural beauty. Seasonal changes adorn its vistas that never fail to bring you pleasant surprises. 

Mr. Fran So, an award-winning photographer well known for his time-lapse photography, completed a one-year project to capture Lantau’s beauty from different corners of the island. Take a look at these videos and experience the dynamics and tranquility of Lantau in broad day light and at night.

Episode 1: Autumn – breezy day and starry night

Day and night, light and shadow, bustle and calm, all in the woods.

From the lively Ngong Ping Village during the day to the serene Wisdom Path under the starlit sky, the day and night of Ngong Ping are shown in front of your eyes.

Episode 2: Winter – Changes in a day

The changes, the mood, all in the woods.

Appreciate how the sun changes and experience the dieversity of nature from the hotspots of Sunset Peak,  Scenic Hill, Cheung Sha, Shui Hau, etc.

Episode 3: A brand new look at Lantau

From sunrise on Nei Lak Shan to Ngong Ping and Tai O under the bright sky – this is the vibrant side of Lantau. 

Final episode: Strolling around Lantau

Lantau has a wide array of activities to offer throughout the day – visit the Big Buddha, go camping, hiking or star-gazing. Enjoy a spectacular trip and explore nature.