“To care for our community, Ngong Ping 360 is devoted to organise and to participate in a variety of community services and events such as signature fundraising CSR event, tree planting day, DIY natural soap and wellness workshops, and regular visits and activities for the elderly and children.”

On 9 Aug, 360 Sharing Ambassador participated in the Jockey Club YouChallenge Programme, organised by the Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention. A group of disadvantaged young people were invited by us to join the DIY 360 workshop at Ngong Ping Village, crafting their own 3D photo frame for Tung Chung’s children from low-income family.

By understanding and communicating with them, we hope to show our support and care to the disadvantaged youth.

On 21 April, Ngong Ping 360 co-organised the seventh annual Islands District Healthy City Tree Planting Festival, which was hosted by the Islands District Council and the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. The festival involved planting 1000 native seedlings on Nei Lak Shan. Participants enjoyed a cable car journey from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping Village and a leisure hiking to Nei Lak Shan for tree planting. They experienced the beautiful local scenery while taking part in this green event.

About 70 volunteers from 360 Sharing Ambassador, including 10 Ma On Shan’s primary students from low-income families participated in planting seedlings and hiking on the day. The volunteers introduced Ngong Ping’s unique insects and plants to the students. This meaningful event is worthy of support.

On 11 March, 360 Sharing Ambassador team watched English drama “Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde” organised by The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection (AFTEC) with students from YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College in Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre.
Teacher described the event as a valuable opportunity for the low-income students to watch an English drama starred by professional actors. 360 Sharing Ambassador team was so happy to have arranged this event!

To give back to the Tung Chung community, 360 Sharing Ambassador reunited with a group of seniors in Tung Chung to enjoy a Poon Choi Feast at Yat Tung Estate on 2 March. Lucky bags with love were also distributed to the seniors.

On 11 February, in collaboration with Edko Film Ltd., 360 Sharing Ambassador invited 150 beneficiary families of Tung Chung NGOs to watch a limited showing of Monster Hunt at Kwai Fong Broadway Cinema.
Afterwards, the film's main character, Wuba, paid a quick visit to the cinema to play games, take photos and give gifts to the families and kids.

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