The Big Buddha is currently undergoing renovations and areas in the vicinity of the Big Buddha statue will be closed during the maintenance period. Please check the official website of Po Lin Monastery for the latest arrangement.

10:00 – 18:00

“To care for our community, Ngong Ping 360 is devoted to organise and to participate in a variety of community services and events such as signature fundraising CSR event, tree planting day, DIY natural soap and wellness workshops, and regular visits and activities for the elderly and children.”

Collaborated with Tung Chung Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council, 360 Sharing Ambassador invited children from low-income families to enjoy the cable car ride and introduced them Ngong Ping 360 and Ngong Ping’s natural culture.
The children also participated in the glass painting workshop after the tour.

To give back to the Tung Chung community, 360 Sharing Ambassador reunited with a group of seniors who witness the growth of Ngong Ping 360 in Tung Chung to enjoy a Poon Choi Feast at Yat Tung Estate on 14 February. The Sharing Ambassadors not only played games with the seniors, but also distributed lucky bags and Valentine's Day exclusive carnation to them, filling the piazza with a joyful ambience.

Blindfold Cable Car Challenge was successfully held on 13 January, which attracted nearly 1,000 participants. The event raised HK$428,000 for The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association in support of its mental health services for the children and adolescents.

Apart from running barefoot up to the Big Buddha stairs and the blindfolded tasks inside cable car, the participants also need to finish the 4km or 6km races as soon as possible.

Celine Tam, who voluntarily composed and sang the event theme song, attended the award ceremony as a special guest to perform the song on stage.