Education & Training

Education & Training

Ngong Ping 360 Education Programmes are educational excursions blended with field study and experiential learning.

Experiential Learning

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Ngong Ping 360 Education Programmes are educational excursions blended with field study and experiential learning. The O2O tour that specialises in STEAM - which aims to improve students’ creativity, logical thinking and analytical skills - would bring students a new learning experience.

Programme Overview

[1] Cable Car Minigineer Click here for video
- [1A] Junior Level
- [1B] Advance Level
[2] Behind the Scenes Cable Car Tour Click here for video
[3] 360 Learning Experience
[3A] O2O· Ngong Ping Click here for video
[3B] Culture Tour· Tai O Click here for video

For reservations, please contact Ngong Ping 360.

t: (852) 3666 0666 / 3666 0606
f: (852) 2109 2620

Corporate Experiences

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Corporate Privilege

Ngong Ping 360 gift voucher is the best gift choice to show your gratitude and appreciation to your business partners and clients. Ngong Ping 360 offers customized in-season travel packages designed in accordance to the needs of different organizations. The Ngong Ping 360 gift voucher comes in a set of corporate coupons along with an exclusive design for each organization.

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Corporate Training

To cater for the different needs of different organizations, the Event Planning team of Ngong Ping 360 will perform situation analysis and design customized flexible corporate training programs. As exciting as it could be, the training can start at the minute you jump on the cable car. Taking advantage of the unique landscape of Ngong Ping Village, corporate activities do not limited to business meetings, group discussions and sharing but could be fun and adventurous incentive activities such as orienteering, athletic competitions, cooperative games, wilderness training and private local tours.

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Publicity Events

Leaving a positive impression to target audiences is extremely important and is one of the most essential Key Performance Indicators for organizations. Ngong Ping Village is a mixture of Chinese and Western cultures sitting next to best-known Po Lim Monastery on one end and Asia’s longest bi-cable ropeway cable cars on the other end. An atypical choice from ordinary venues, Ngong Ping Village has been chosen as the venue of many large-scale events of international brands and organizations. Holding your next product launch, press conferences, exhibitions, annual dinners and spectacular performances in this unique venue will certainly help elevate the awareness and image of your brand and organization.

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Multi-function Venue

With a total area of 1.5 hectares, Ngong Ping Village provides spacious interior and exterior environments that are ideal for corporate activities such as business meetings, corporate training or private parties. Multi-function venues include Court 360, Palace and Ngong Ping Garden Restaurant. Embraced by the scenic natural environment, organizations are welcomed to hold outdoor team-building activities, such as orienteering, athletic competitions, cooperative games and eco-friendly activities so as to improve cooperation and team spirit while achieving work-life-balance.

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Private Guided Tours

In order to keep the exciting momentum going and make the training program even more interesting, Ngong Ping 360 stands ready to provide the best private tour packages for organizations. Whether it is a half-day tour or a two-day-one-night trip, the inspiring yet relaxing tour to visit unknown historical spots on Lantau Island guided by professional 360 Holidays tour guides definitely re-energizes the team to go for extra mile at work.

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