A Joint Exercise with Various Government Departments

On 15 September, NP360 carried out a 4-day cable car maintenance works. On the same day, the company and various government departments conducted a joint exercise to strengthen co-ordination, hone communication skills and review the level of preparedness for emergency situations.

The Hong Kong Fire Services Department, the Hong Kong Police Force, the Government Flying Service and the Civil Aid Service participated the joint exercise. The exercise scenario involved an unusual signal of the cable car system. To ensure safety, the ropeway was suspended immediately for emergency inspection and maintenance work.

In the exercise, mock guests in cable car cabins pretended to feel unwell and sought prompt help. The Cable Car Operations, Services Operations and Safety & Quality Departments co-ordinated with the government departments to implement a joint rescue operation to help the guests exit the cabin.

Thankful to the close co-ordination, comprehensive planning and proper preparations among our Cable Car Operations, Services Operations and Safety & Quality Departments, the exercise went very smoothly.

Although we encountered adverse weather in the form of a signal 8 tropical cyclone during the scheduled maintenance period, our Cable Car Operations Department colleagues overcame various difficulties and completed the maintenance on schedule. Our Managing Director expressed her appreciation of their persistence and hard work, and acknowledged their professional performance.

On 28 November, we successfully held our first “Crisis Communication Drill”. The drill simulated an emergency situation to test the effectiveness of internal communications and co-ordination in conveying a clear and timely message to the public and the media.