The first stage of refurbishment of the Big Buddha’s body has been completed. Partial of the scaffolding will be removed starting from 18 August. Please check the official website of Po Lin Monastery for details.
10:00 – 18:00

Also known as the “Tree of Awakening”, Bodhi Tree was where Siddhartha meditated “Who am I and why am I here?”, attained enlightenment and became Buddha.

You will find a Bodhi tree in Ngong Ping Village, but this one is hung with “wishing placards”, which are unique to Hong Kong. You may have heard about these from the Lam Tseun Wishing Trees in Tai Po. Legend has it that the higher your placard is hung onto the wishing tree, the more likely it is for your wish to come true. The “Bliss” and “Health” blessing drums under the bodhi tree are great photo spots. Although you cannot throw you own placard onto the tree, you can still experience the Hong Kong tradition and bring your memory home in a picture.

Framing tip:
1. Stand in front of the “Bliss” or “Health” drum and take a portrait picture to capture both drums, the tree and placards.
2. Stand between the two blessing drums and take a landscape picture from a wide angle, with the bodhi tree filling up most of your background.


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