The Big Buddha is currently undergoing renovations and areas in the vicinity of the Big Buddha statue will be closed during the maintenance period. Please check the official website of Po Lin Monastery for the latest arrangement.
10:00 – 18:00      1-2/5, 19/5 : 09:00 - 18:30

Eggs-plore 360

From April 2 to 11, Ngong Ping 360 will transform the Ngong Ping Village into an Easter Egg Hunt in “Eggs-plore 360”. Hang Heung is also celebrating its 100th birthday and will bring the “Hang Heung 100 Exhibition” to Ngong Ping. The exhibition will feature illustrations, archive photographs, videos plus other relics such as a 30-year-old red sedan chair as well as recreated scenes from old Hong Kong made from toys by local brand CITYSTORY. During the campaign period, the Stupa Square at Ngong Ping Village will feature three supersized Instagrammable spots themed around eggs: Hang Heung’s legendary Wife Cake Gift Box, Egg Tart Swing, Egg Roll Seesaw plus an adorable Egg Wall! Fun and adventure await the whole family at Ngong Ping 360!

“Hang Heung 100” Exhibition

Date: April 2 – June 14, 2021

Time: 10:30am – 5:30pm (April 2 – May 2 2021: Closes on Mondays and Thursdays; May 3 – June 14: Opens  on Fridays to Sundays and Public Holidays;  Please refer to the announcements on official website for more details on current opening hours. )

Location: Adjacent to the Holidays 360 Information Center at the Ngong Ping Village

Details: Free entry to “Hang Heung 100” Exhibition Hall for purchasing any Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Tickets with presenting one eligible machine-printed receipt (any consumption) from Ngong Ping Village. Special Arrangements for Easter Holidays

Hang Heung Gallery

The passing of time has shed a lot of places and landmarks that we took to heart. As such, the “Hang Heung Gallery” has invited local illustrator Chloe Yau to depict the Hong Kong sentiment and Hang Heung’s history in 10 extraordinary artworks.

Hang Heung Restaurant

Dim Sum plays a prominent part in Hong Kong culture. Since traditional tea house Hang Heung’s Kitchen was rebranded 40 years ago as Hang Heung Restaurant, resurrecting its original environs with era-appropriate décor and set up was a particularly difficult feat. Travel back in time with its neon signs, tiled walls, dim sum carts, traditional dim sum as well as Instagrammable props like vintage tea pots, plastic dim sum signs and LED signage.


The “Hang Heung 100 Exhibition” has also recreated familiar scenes of Hong Kong in partnership with local toy brand CITYSTORY. Made with building blocks, the scene depicts New Year festivities on the streets of old Yuen Long. Look closely and you’ll spot dancing lions, as well as playgrounds, transportation and buildings of yesteryears.

The red sedan chair

Marriage is a milestone in everyone’s lives, and the red sedan chair is a must-have symbol of luck and prosperity in Chinese weddings. The “Hang Heung 100 Exhibition” showcases the 30-year-old red sedan chair, commemorating love stories of past generations. 

The Dragon and Phoenix Wedding Hall

Located just next door, don’t miss the Dragon and Phoenix Wedding Hall, the sculptures of which were delicately handcrafted out of wood in the 80s.

Photo Taking Spots

Date:  April 2 – June 14, 2021

Time:  10:30am – 5:30pm

Hang Heung Wife Cake Gift Box

Ngong Ping 360 has supersized the egg into a number of Instagrammable spots! The first is the mammoth Hang Heung Wife Cake Gift Box featuring the familiar logo on a red, festive background plus its signature red and yellow wife cakes. Step into the Gift Box and snap a shot with a heart-shaped wife cake for a lovey-dovey holiday!

Egg-normous Egg Tart Swing

Think eggs and what comes to mind are local delicacies like egg tarts and egg rolls. This Easter, Ngong Ping 360 has supersized these delicious snacks into egg-stagrammable spots.

Easter Egg Wall

Check out the fantastic wall dotted with adorable Easter Eggs and fabulous Century-Egg Pastries by famous local bakery Hang Heung! This installation will surely whet your appetite! Put on your cutest bunny-ears headband and snap a one-of-a-kind shot against the candy-floss colored pink and blue background!