General information Cable Car information Ticketing
1. Where is Ngong Ping 360?
2. What are Ngong Ping 360's hours of operation?
3. Can children travel on cable cars unaccompanied?
4. Can I eat and drink in the cabin?
5. Can I smoke in the cabin?
6. Can I bring my pet with me to Ngong Ping 360?
7. Can I go on board Ngong Ping Cable Car if I am a wheelchair user?
8.  How do handicapable passengers access the cable car platform after arriving at the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal?
9. How do I board the cabin?
10. Can I alight from the cabin and explore North Lantau Country Park?
11. Can I alight at the two angle stations?
12. What is there to do in the Ngong Ping Village?
13. How much time should I plan to spend there?
14. Are there any luggage storage facilities at Ngong Ping 360?
15. Can I drive to Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal? Are there any parking facilities?
16. Does Ngong Ping 360 provide car park facilities for disabled passengers?
17. Does Ngong Ping 360 provide washrooms for the disabled?
18. Are there any nursing facilities at Ngong Ping 360?
If you have any other queries regarding Ngong Ping 360, please email us at info@np360.com.hk.