Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery, situated on the enlightening Ngong Ping plateau, is the centre of Lantau’s tourist spots and is only a 25-minute ride by the Ngong Ping 360 cable car from Tung Chung town centre. The monastery offers does not only a tranquil place of worship, but it also truly embodies the Buddhist culture, architecture, landscape and gardening, and sculptural arts.

100 years of solemn glory

Established in 1906, Po Lin Monastery was known as "the Big Thatched Hut" in its austere past. Over the course of its development, the monastery has now grown to become a world-renowned Buddhist establishment, boasting many prominent architectural structures, such as the Main Shrine Hall of Buddha, the Hall of Bodhisattva Skanda, and of course the Tian Tan Buddha, which sits opposite the Monastery. A new addition to this Buddhist complex will be the Grand Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas, which will house ten thousand statues as well as a Scripture Library and a Dharma Hall.

Perfect harmony with nature

Once remote and inaccessible, Po Lin Monastery can now be reached by various means of transport, taking as little time as 25 minutes on the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car from Tung Chung. Apart from the magnificent architecture the Monastery has to offer, visitors can also admire the spectacular scenery that Ngong Ping is blessed with, amongst which are sunrise from Lantau Peak, tea farm in the mist, lotus rocks, pagodas in enshrouding mountains, drumming rocks, and sunset in Mount Muk Yue.

Diverse ground activities

Besides its religious and cultural dimensions, Po Lin Monastery spoils you with gastronomical and artistic delights. Celebrated for its vegetarian delicacies and aromatic tea, the vegetarian kitchen is sure to refresh both your mind and body, preparing you for the spiritual journey to the Path of Wisdom nearby or a hike on the breathtaking Ngong Ping Trail. Also famous are the wooden bracelets that are only sold near the Monastery - a fitting memento of the solemnity and austerity of your visit.

How to get there
Take the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping
25 minutes